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How to kill slugs: Mark Lane suggests scattering in your soil – ‘they don't like that'


Gardener Mark Lane has discussed the creatures, who love to nibble on plants, with Express.co.uk. He detailed a number of tricks to get rid of them.

“You can use a really rough, angular gravel for the roughness,” Mark added.

Then there is copper, which has a special effect on slugs.

Copper gives slugs little shock-style sensations, slowing down their slime production when it reacts with their mucus.

“You can also use things like copper, copper rings, or copper plates,” Mark explained.

Once you have weeded your flowerbed, Mark recommends using mulch.

Mark recommends “a five centimetre layer of normally organic matter”.

He went on: “The best things for mulch are wooden bark, homemade compost – if it’s really well-rotted – and a thing called leaf mould, which you make by collecting your own leaves in a compost box.

“Now the whole idea about putting a thick layer of that down is basically stopping the light to the soil, which means that any other weeds that might still be in the soil can’t grow because they’ve got no light that they can get to.”

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