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How to increase humidity in your home


Winter weather has dried out much of the country this month, as freezing conditions drifted across mainland Europe. Millions of people will have turned up the heat, only contributing to the oppressive dryness, and may now find they suffer the consequences. Homes lacking humidity will have a knock-on effect on people’s health and the quality of their property.

What happens in low humidity?

Overly dry air can have a range of health effects, including increased susceptibility to respiratory infections, dehydration and skin conditions.

People may notice dwindling humidity when their lips become uncharacteristically dry, or they start getting frequent nosebleeds.

Homes also experience the effects, with floors and doors creaking more, and potential cracks in the paintwork.

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Another household product most people will own, wet sponges can also help add humidity.

Soaking them in water and placing them around the house, usually on a radiator, will gradually increase humidity.

Containers of water will work in the same way when placed on a warm surface.


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