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How to help your flowers ‘grow luxuriantly’ in garden with 3-ingredient concoction

It’s the time of year when, if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, you’ll want it to be in full bloom and looking glorious.

You’ll likely be spending much more time outside, hosting garden parties, or just chilling in the garden and reading a book

Plants and flowers can bring your garden to life, but how can you make them truly thrive on a budget?

TikTok yser @oldgarden.official has revealed “how to make a fertiliser for green plants” using a concoction made of ingredients you’ll likely already have to hand.

First, they instructed you to get egg shells and “crush them in a container”.

Then, you need 50ml of white vinegar to add to the jar. The final part of the three-ingredient concoction is 500ml of water, and then you should “let it stand for three days”. When the three days are up, “filter out the water”.

You should then pop the mixture into a spray bottle, and the TikToker claims that “you will find green plants growing luxuriantly” with “shiny green” leaves.

Many people praised them for the “good tip” in the comments section. Others shared their own gardening hacks, with one writing: “I put crushed egg shells right into the dirt with coffee grinds. Works amazing.”

This comes after an expert revealed which gorgeous plants in your garden need pruning at this time of year.

Gardening expert and founder of Go Tree Quotes, Ben McInerney, shared that roses, shrubs and perennials all need pruning in June to make them thrive.

Ben claimed that pruning your roses around now will help “guarantee new growth and beautiful blooms” come summer.

When it comes to shrubs, Ben said: “All you have to do is cut off any dead or damaged branches, as well as any overgrown or crossing branches.” And if you want more blooms on your perennials, then cut the stems right above where there’s a healthy set of leaves.


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