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How to grow strawberries – All you need to know


Fans of the red fruit can rejoice, as the season to plant strawberries is just around the corner. As well as being sweet and delicious, strawberries are very easy to grow and make for an affordable snack the whole family can enjoy planting and eating.

How to plant strawberries

An optimum time to plant strawberries in the UK is known to be March and April.

Once you’ve bought some strawberry plants, it’s important to make sure they are planted in good soil which is well-drained.

Gardeners’ World state strawberries can be grown in a strawberry bed or strawberry planter.

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What can you do with strawberries?

Once your efforts have come to fruition, there are several ways you can enjoy your strawberries.

Many opt to make jam with their fresh strawberries, while others choose to make desserts like tarts.

If you’ve got an ice cream maker, maybe make some fresh strawberry ice cream, or use strawberry jam to make doughnuts.

Or simply just enjoy strawberries on their own, or with a splash of cream for a British classic dessert.


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