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How to get rid of stains in mug


You probably have enough mugs in your kitchen cupboard to serve a house full of guests tea or coffee at once. Mugs with pretty patterns or witty slogans on them are a popular gift idea, and we all have our mug of choice at home… but what do you do when your favourite mug becomes stained and worn out? No amount of washing up will get rid of the tea and coffee stains. Express.co.uk chatted to the experts at Dri-Pak to find out how to get rid of stains in mugs.

Whether you’re a cup of coffee in the morning or a herbal tea throughout the day kind of person, you probably drink it out of a mug.

You might have a few mugs that you use on rotation, but there are usually a couple of mugs that you gravitate towards and use frequently – some mugs fit better in your hand, some were gifted by someone special, and some might be able to hold more tea than others.

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When you start to use a specific mug regularly, it will start to lose its colour and become stained with brown patches.

Stains don’t impact your tea or coffee experience, but your go-to mug might become less appealing if it is covered in brown stains – and no matter how much you scrub with washing up liquid and a scourer, the stains will not come out.

Don’t worry, Express.co.uk chatted to the cleaning experts at Dri-Pak to find out how to get rid of these stains once and for all.

Paul Brook from Dri-Pak said: “Some people may choose to bleach the stain, but that may not get rid of the tannin build-up, it will bleach it.

“This only makes it harder to see if the build-up has truly been removed.

“You could try a scouring pad, but that can be fiddly and time-consuming.

“There’s a very easy way to eliminate the problem, restoring your cups and mugs to their former glory, so you won’t be ashamed of giving your guests a cup of Rosie Lee in it.”

According to Mr Brook, the best way to get rid of tea and coffee stains in mugs is by using Soda Crystals.

He said: “Simply dissolve Soda Crystals in hot water and leave it at least half an hour.

“Then simply wipe round with a dishcloth or brush. You’ll be surprised at the difference.”

You can buy Soda Crystals from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, ASDA, Co-op, Wilko, Waitrose, Home Bargains and Robert Dyas for less than £2 per 1kg.



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