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How to fix a leaky tap – the 5 simple steps


The cause of a leaky tap is complex, but a plumber can fix a leaking tap in about 10 minutes. You can fix a leaky tap yourself if you do some research about the inner workings of your tap. Express.co.uk chatted to Heatable.co.uk’s resident plumber Pat Garner to find out how to fix a leaky tap.

Fixing a dripping tap is an easy job for a plumber, but it is more difficult to do if you’re untrained.

You’ll need the right tools and some spare time to research taps, but the task is definitely doable.

Pat said: “If you are willing to take the time required to study how taps work, then fixing a leaky tap can be a DIY task, but it does require a little more knowledge of tap components to do with competence.”

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Step two

Pat said: “Using a cross-headed screwdriver, remove the knobs of the tap.”

If the knobs have no screws, you just have to pull up or use a flat head screwdriver.

Step three

Next, use the adjustable spanner to loosen the packing nut and remove the stem.

Step four

Inspect all parts for visual damage and replace them if necessary.

Pat said: “If there is no obvious damage, check the O-ring and washer, if these are loose or damaged they will need to be replaced as they can lead to leaks.”

Step five

Finally, re-assemble all the parts and test the tap to see if the leaking is fixed.

Pat said: “Once you have replaced the parts and put the tap back together, the final step is to test if the tap is fixed and working without any issues.”


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