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How to decorate your walls to make rooms look bigger – 9 hacks


Set the tone

The size of your room will feel much smaller if you use specific colours.

Jenna and Mariana explained: “The colour on the walls can determine how the room feels.

“Warm muted tones or deep sultry hues work well in snugs as they cocoon the room to make it feel cosy.

“For a family room, opt for a lighter and brighter colour that reflects the light to make it feel bigger.”

Nina commented: “Light walls are more reflective and will bounce natural light across the room, making a space appear larger and more open.

“For maximum effect, opt for off-white tones like magnolia, soft blues or moss greens.”

Mirror, mirror

Strategically placing mirrors where the light naturally falls is one of the oldest but best tricks in the book.

Jenna and Mariana said: “This enhances the natural light and makes the room appear much larger and brighter.

“A carefully placed mirror that is opposite a window will echo the natural light and greenery into a smaller room, helping to bring the outdoors in.”


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