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How to clean your walls – TikToker's 'lazy' cleaning hack revealed


Cleaning your walls is important if you want your house to look clean, no matter what colour you paint them. You’ll also need to wash your walls before you apply a fresh coat of paint to ensure the new paint adheres properly. So how do you go about cleaning a wall? Express.co.uk reveals TikTok blogger @later_kates’ “lazy” hack that will leave your walls sparkling.

Everyone knows that they need to dust their walls every now and then to get rid of cobwebs, but did you know you’re supposed to be washing your walls at least once a year?

Washing your walls keeps allergies at bay and improves the look of a room.

If you’ve got pets or small children, your walls are probably covered in sticky finger (or paw) prints, colouring pencil marks, and other unappealing stains that you could probably do with getting rid of.

Now is the perfect time to clean your walls, as part of your spring cleaning regime.

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You don’t just pick up the mixture with the mop and smear it over the walls – the TikToker has explained the knack.

She said: “The trick here is making sure you’re not using too much product and that you’re wringing out your mop head really well.

“If you do this, it won’t leave any streaks or residue behind.

“If you’re seeing streaks and residue, that’s because you have too much product or you’re not wringing your mop head out well enough.”

If you need to clean the ceiling, this method is suitable enough to use.

The social media user said: “This is an awesome trick if you have vaulted ceilings in hard to reach areas, and you can use it on different coloured walls as well.

“At the end, you just dump all your water down the toilet and you’re good to go.”


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