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How to clean your duvet – seven steps to a fresh bed


Most people regularly wash and change their bed sheets, covers and pillow cases, but more often than not, don’t give a second thought to their duvet. But according to experts, humans spend 35 percent of their overall life span sleeping. Sleep is such an important thing, and most will put extra care into their daytime cleaning than their bed. This is where you go wrong, as bacteria and dirt can just as easily build up in your duvet and pillows.

How to clean your duvet – seven steps to a fresh bed

Remove the duvet cover

While this may seem nonsensical and something which doesn’t need to be said, you’ll be surprised at what people do.

Washing your duvet in its cover isn’t a wise idea, so strip and wash separately for the best clean.

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Use the right detergent

Harsh washing powders can strip the down the duvet’s filling of its natural oils and fibres, so use a natural powder or a non-biological detergent.

Only use a small amount, and you’re advised to run through two rinse cycles to make sure all the soap suds have dissipated.

Avoid using fabric conditioner for this step as down duvets will ensure the liquid seeps into the fabric, making it less fluffy.

Dry the duvet properly

If you have a tumble dryer, pop the duvet in on a low heat, and if you have dryer balls at home, now’s the time to use them.

If you don’t own dryer balls, take out the duvet every 30 minutes to shake out during the cycle, as this prevents lumps from forming.

Keep doing this until the cover is completely dry. But if you own a feather down, they’re not suitable for the tumble dryer so you should hang it out to air dry.

Bear in mind duvets take ages to dry depending on their size, so make sure it’s totally done before putting it back on the bed.


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