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How to clean Venetian blinds – Three quick and easy tips for dust-free blinds


Cleaning our homes can be a time-consuming task, and with more time than ever spent at home during lockdown we may find ourselves cleaning more often. One area which may often be neglected is the window, with curtains, blinds, windowsills and the windows themselves needing cleaning often.

While you can spot clean or even wash curtains in the washing machine, blinds can be a tad trickier to clean.

With interlocking slats, Venetian blinds can easily build up dirt, dust and grime over weeks.

Often we don’t realise just how dirty these surfaces are until we clean them, and the results can be shocking.

While cleaning your blinds may feel like a daunting task, don’t fear! There are a couple of very easy methods you can use.

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Focus on any areas with stains and gently rub.

Mrs Hinch’s method

Instagram cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has her own method for cleaning blinds – and its a hit with fans.

For this technique, you need a tumble dryer sheet and some disinfectant.

The Instagram star simply wipes each slat with a tumble dryer sheet to remove dust and dirt.

She then uses disinfectant Zoflora to keep the blinds looking spotless and smelling fresh.

Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchliffe – explains: “The reason I use tumble dryer sheets is because they’re anti-static so they pick up all the dust.

“You don’t need to wet them or do anything.

“Once you’ve wiped every slat and all the dust is off, put a capful of neat Zoflora onto a sheet of kitchen roll folded into four, and rub this onto your blinds. It just leaves the Zoflora, heavenly.”


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