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How to clean straightener plates using common cosmetic item – ceramic cleaning tips


Whether you use your iron or not, it can still harbour a mass of bacteria disguised in an invisible layer of grime – and those straighteners you use to style your hair can be just as bad. If you could see the damage, it might make you think twice about using these items on your clothes and hair. Regular cleaning can keep your ceramic appliances from damaging the contact surfaces, and this is exactly how to do it.

How to clean straightener plates

Washing our towels and even our hair is second nature – but many of us overlook the importance of cleaning the plates of our beloved straighteners.

Neglecting to clean your straighteners could lead to a buildup of dirt and grime, which will not only damage your go-to styling tool but also damage your hair.

They have probably done the rounds in overnight bags or been left in dusty cupboards through lockdown but the time has come to clean them up.

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Before cleaning any heat-emitting ceramic surface like your iron or straighteners, always leave it to cool until it is cold to touch.

Unlike most things that can be cleaned with water, mixing electrical items with a splash of H2O is a big no-no.

Luckily there are a number of safe solutions to cleaning these surfaces, with everything from baking soda to biodegradable baby wipes doing the trick.

All you’ll need is a few household ingredients to clean up your ceramic in no time.

The plates can often turn brown or appear burnt when they are dirty so scrub extra hard when you notice this on your iron or straighteners.

How to clean an iron

There are many ways to clean the bottom of an iron without causing damage to your clothes the next time you use it.
Vinegar towel

Soaking a small hand towel in white vinegar is one way to rid your iron of dirt, dust or any stain-inducing particles which may be lingering.

All you need to do is soak a towel in vinegar and then set the iron onto the towel with the iron plate facing down. Let it sit for half an hour before you wipe it down.

  • Vinegar is particularly useful if your iron has corrosion so be sure to try it for an all-rounder solution.
  • Use a cotton swab to clean the crevices of your iron for a deep-cleanse – you’d be surprised what you can find hiding in those steam-pockets.

Baking soda cleaning paste

Whether it’s for your clothes iron or a flat iron for your hair, this trick is the only exception to using water on your ceramic surfaces.

The miracle worker of cleaning, baking soda, is tough on stains and dirt.

Create a stain-fighting paste with just two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water.

Using a cotton pad or cotton wool ball, carefully rub it around on the iron plate.

  • If you get the paste in the steam holes of the iron, use the Q-tip trick to get it out
  • The key is to use very little water for a thick paste to avoid a dangerous encounter with your iron.

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