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How to clean Nike Air Force 1s – the simple TikTok hack to refresh your white trainers


Nike Air Force 1s are a fashionable pair of shoes in the UK and all over the world. But customers often complain they struggle to keep the shoe looking as gleaming white as they were when they first bought them. However, you don’t need to throw them out as soon as they get dirty. TikTokers have revealed a few ways to polish up those Nike Air Force 1 trainers at home. Express.co.uk reveals how to clean Nike Air Force 1 trainers.

There are multiple tweets every day about keeping Nike Air Force 1 trainers clean.

One Twitter user recently tweeted alongside an image of him in the shoes: “Everyone please look at how fresh I have kept my Air Force 1s.”

Another wrote: “I ordered new, fresh, sparkling Air Force 1s folks. We can all rest easy now.”

A third Tweet further stressed the importance of keeping these shoes clean. It says: “I don’t vibe when I see really dirty creased Air Force 1s.”

So how do you keep these trendy trainers clean? Express.co.uk reveals everything you need to know. 

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Another TikToker @cleanwithney used a similar method with a few differences, and the video racked up more than 281,000 likes.

She placed her dirty Air Force 1 shoelaces into a measuring jug with Fairy Non-Bio Stain Remover Powder, DriPak’s Bicarbonate of Soda, and some boiling water.

She let the mixture fizz for an unspecified amount of time, and in the meantime cleaned her shoes with The Pink Stuff paste.

Using the rough side of a regular sponge, she smeared the Pink Stuff paste on the shoes and scrubbed away the dirt.

Next, she rinsed away the product on the shoe with clean water and put, what appears to be, baking soda or washing powder inside the shoe.

Then, she places the shoes into the washing machine with laundry powder and fabric softener in the detergent drawer.

After the cycle is finished, she takes the laces out of the mixture in the measuring jug and rinses them in the sink.

The trainers can then be dried with a microfibre cloth and left to dry upside down on the radiator alongside the laces.


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