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How to clean granite worktops


Granite worktops aren’t commonplace in the UK, as they are often a more luxurious option for kitchen designers. The price per square metre for the material clocks in at roughly £270, with the highest quality £450. Luxurious though they are, granite worktops can be prone to staining, and as such, people may need a hand figuring out how to clean them.

How to clean granite worktops

Granite is expensive to buy and tricky to maintain, meaning people have to take care of their surfaces.

Several substances can cause stains or damage the surface, requiring professional assistance.

Thankfully, there are several ways to both clear and prevent the need for pricey repairs.

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Choose cloths carefully

The rule for cleaning or polishing a granite countertop is the same as the one for screens.

As they are also prone to scratching or scuffing, people should try to use less abrasive, soft cloths.

Microfibre cloths are best for the task, as they attract dust and grime without damaging the surface.


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