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How to clean a washing machine: Why you need to clean the filter and drain the reservoir


Your washing machine is used several times a week and every time more and more bacteria and other contaminants are put into the machine along with your clothes. Where do you think these things go, and what about all dirt from your clothes? By now you should know it is vital to clean your machine, but you may not have realised you need to clean the filter and drain the pump as well. Here’s how, as explained by TikTokers.

The washing machine pump filter has an important job – it protects the pump from a build-up of lint and other bits and bobs that may have made their way into the machine.

Coins, labels, hair clips, fluff, bits of food, you name it.
These aren’t the only things you don’t want to be stuck in the machine, you also need to clear the machine of excess water.

When you wash your clothes some water remains in the machine and the drain pump pumps the water from the wash and through the drain hose to be drained away.

At the side of the filter, there will be a retractable pipe that allows you to drain this water.

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Very few people know that you need to clean the filter and drain the pump about four times a year.

In fact, closeups of people’s dirty filters and waterlogged pumps have gone viral on TikTok, inspiring others to inspect their own machines.

TikTok user @jkentrn explained: “If you didn’t already know, most front loading washing machines have a lint trap filter that you have to clean out regularly. Mine’s located at the front of the machine.

“Here you can see we have the tubing to drain the reservoir and the filter itself. Mine’s nice enough to come with instructions.”

How to clean a washing machine filter and drain the reservoir

As mentioned above, to drain the reservoir all you need to do is pull the pump out of its holder and drain the water into a bucket or bowl.

This may take a while, so you can clean the filter out while you wait for the reservoir to empty.

To really give your filter plug a deep clean, you should start by removing the lint and other junk from the plug with a paper towel.

Then, soak the filter in hot soapy water for 10 minutes and turn your attention to the inside of the machine where the filter slots in.

Use a paper towel to remove the gunk and then scrub the area with a wet, soapy sponge.

Rinse the hole and dry it off with a cloth. Rinse and dry the filter plug and slot it back into the hole.


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