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How to clean a rusty iron: The TikTok hack involving paracetamol and tweezers


Cleaning your iron is rarely at the top of your to-do list until it’s too late. A rusty iron sticks to fabric and leaves black spots and tears in your clothing, but this is totally preventable. Don’t throw your iron away – all you need is some paracetamol and a pair of tweezers.

An iron is a household staple and essential when you’re going to a fancy event, job interview, or date.

Wrinkled clothing is an absolute no-no, but the more you use your iron the more likely it is to become rusty.

Over time, spray starch and synthetic melted fibres buildup on the iron and once they cool they look black and rusty.

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You’ll notice the rust starting to peel off and then you can wipe the rust away with a cloth.

You have to do this while the iron is hot, so you’ll notice that the paracetamol will melt along with the rust.

Be very careful when you do this as the iron will still be hot and you don’t want to burn your fingers.

You could wear some heat resistant gloves or an old oven mitt to be extra safe.

Once you’re done, fill the iron with some water and iron over an old piece of cloth to test if you’ve cleaned it properly.


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