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How to clean a fireplace – The simple steps to cleaning wood-burning and gas fireplaces


Step three

Make your own cleaning solution by combining washing up liquid with baking soda and plenty of warm water in a large bucket.

Then, grab a pair of gloves and a stiff-bristled brush and take them to your fireplace.

Step four

It’s time to get scrubbing the grates and andirons! The experts explained: “Take the andirons and grate out of your firebox (where the logs in your fireplace burn), making sure as much debris as possible falls back into the fire.

“Then, scrub them thoroughly with washing up liquid and water. You can also use metal polish when they’re dry to add some extra sparkle.”

Step five

Start by moving any large pieces of debris with your hands and placing them straight in your bin bags, Glowing Embers’ team said.

They added: “If you don’t want to get too down and dirty, use a dustpan and brush to help you move some of the debris.

“When you’ve got rid of the big pieces, use a hand-held vacuum to help with the smallest bits.”


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