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How to break an Easter egg in half perfectly


No matter how old you get, an Easter egg will always be an annual treat which cannot be skipped. Whether you opt for a boozy egg, a classic Cadbury favourite or something a bit different such as a beauty Easter egg, resisting the temptation to crack them open before the big day can be hard.

It goes without saying that the holiday is one of the best of the year, purely down to the overindulgence and overconsumption of chocolate.

We’ve all been guilty of smashing an egg into smithereens rather than taking it apart ‘properly’.

For those of you who’ve always wanted to feel the satisfaction of perfectly deconstructing an egg, it’s your lucky day.

We’ve found out the perfect method for cracking open your Easter eggs with little-to-no effort.

How to break an Easter egg in half

There is an art to breaking open Easter eggs it seems, but it’s not a complex one.

If you are a proud owner of absolutely any hard surface at all, it means you are perfectly equipped for the job.

Hotel Chocolat’s head chocolatier, Kiri Kalenko, revealed her fail-safe technique, called the ‘smash and grab’.

Of course, Kiri isn’t thinking about perfectly opening the egg into two pieces when doing this, as she would’ve spent plenty of time constructing those two pieces in the first place.

Kiri explained: “We have big marble slabs in our Inventing Room which are perfect for smashing Easter Eggs on.

“That’s definitely our method!”

However, if you’re after that perfect, clean break, all you have to do is tap the egg gently.

“Alternatively, you can just tap it on your table and it will naturally break,” added Kiri.

The weakest point of the egg is the side, so if you don’t want yours broken into pieces make sure to follow the ‘seam’ of the egg, where both sides were stuck together initially.

If you don’t want to risk a tap, you can always use a small, sharp knife to slice against the seam, re-opening the egg, making it possible for you to fill it up with any treats or edible fillings you desire.

To re-seal the egg, it might be a messy job.

Simply melt a small amount of chocolate (if you can get the same brand of chocolate, even better!) and whilst still hot, pipe along the side of one half of your filled up egg, before placing the other on top, letting it cool in the fridge.

How to keep your Easter eggs fresh for longer

Kiri also revealed some expert tips about keeping your Easter egg stored to perfection, ensuring it doesn’t go off.

The expert’s main tip will likely shock you, as Kiri warns against placing the egg in the fridge.

So why is this? Apparently, it affects the overall taste.

Speaking of the huge no-no, Kiri explained: “Never store chocolate in the fridge.

“It’s much better served at room temperature as it instantly melts in your mouth, flooding your taste buds with all those rich flavours.”

But what should you do with the egg instead? Make sure you don’t throw away the foil!

Usually, eggs come wrapped in foil, but most of us tend to throw it away in the rubbish, when we should be tightly re-wrapping the egg every time we have a bite.

Kiri concluded: “’It’s best to wrap it back up in the foil, it will keep its freshness.

“I wouldn’t store it in the cardboard box without foil. Remember, if the box isn’t ‘food grade’ material it may taint the chocolate.”


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