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How the secret salt hiding in these so-called healthy meals make them as bad for you as JUNK food


ARE these seemingly healthy foods worth their salt?

We told yesterday how soluble parace­tamol can contain more sodium, at 0.44g per pill than a pack of Walkers Ready Salted, at 0.34g – putting over 60s at risk of heart attacks.

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Your ‘healthy foods’, such as tomato soup, may contain just as much salt as fast food[/caption]

A daily limit of 6g is recommended – but many items that are supposedly good for us contain a surprising amount of salt.

From cornflakes to tomato soup, Katy Docherty shows the fast food equivalents of these salty snacks.

Kellogg’s cornflakes (30g) has 0.34g salt whereas Burger King’s small fries has 0.3g salt
Two slices Kingsmill 50/50 medium bread has 0.76g salt but Nine McDonalds McNuggets has 0.77g salt
30g serving of Crespo Pitted Green Olives contains 0.66g salt but a Subway classic tuna sandwich has 0.67g salt
Creamfields Greek Feta cheese 33g serving has 0.7g salt but 14 Dominos Spicy BBQ wings has LESS salt at 0.62g
One 47.5g serving of pesto cause contains 1.4g salt – the same amount as a Greggs steak bake
Dolmio stir-in sun-dried tomato sauce, 75g, has 1g salt – but KFC’s creamy mash contains 0.94g salt
400g can Heinz cream of tomato soup: 2.2g salt and Nando’s grilled chicken burger: 2.2g salt
100g Napolina five bean salad: 0.72g salt and one slice of Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust Pepperoni Feast: 0.7g salt
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