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How one 2-year-old spent his weekend stuck inside a wooden barrel


Over the weekend, a 2-year-old boy clutched his favorite teddy bear as firefighters cut him out of a wooden barrel in Portland, Tennessee. 

Kelly Strubing and her husband’s family were watching TV in the living room on Saturday when Strubing’s son, Dorian, calmly called out, “Help.”

Strubing told USA TODAY they found Dorian squatting inside the barrel. Each time a family member attempted to lift him out, Dorian said it hurt.

Strubing then decided to drive Dorian to the emergency room where the staff was intrigued by the case. 

“It felt like we had the whole emergency room working on Dorian,” Strubing said. “It’s safe to say they hadn’t seen anything like this before.” 

2-year-old Dorian spent hours stuck inside a wooden barrel.

X-rays were taken to examine where Dorian’s knees, feet and hips were but after the staff couldn’t get him out, the Portland Fire Department was called for help.

Strubing said the firefighters originally wanted to use the Jaws of Life to remove him, but they couldn’t find a safe grip on the barrel. 

Eventually, the firefighters used power saws and hammers to cut a hole into the barrel, and Strubing was able to safely pull Dorian out. 


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