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How Expats can get the Covid vaccine in Spain – explained


British expats in the EU have spent the last year adapting to several unexpectedly harsh circumstances. Some have had to flee their homes amid Brexit rule changes, while lockdown will have prevented others from seeing their families for months. Although a channel separates them from the UK’s vaccine programme, they can still get help from local officials.

How can expats get the Covid vaccine in Spain?

Expats can take advantage of Spain’s vaccine programme, which it started running in December 2020.

But the rules for getting vaccinated may differ depending on health coverage.

Those covered by Spain’s public health system will fall into a group decided by the national government, but everyone else has to follow an alternative area-specific protocol.

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What if I have private healthcare?

Expats who have opted for private healthcare can get the vaccine as well.

Local authorities have set up channels to communicate with them and distribute vaccines where needed.

People living in other regions who don’t yet know their avenues to a vaccine may have to stay tuned and wait for a public announcement.


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