Home News How dare you! Queen left BALD in outrageous German waxwork of monarch

How dare you! Queen left BALD in outrageous German waxwork of monarch


Queen Elizabeth II’s worldwide fame has pushed the Panoptikum wax museum in Hamburg, Germany, to produce a replica of the English monarch. However, the wax version of the Queen is vastly different to the original as it has only half a head of hair.

During a press photocall marking the reopening of the wax museum after its annual closure due to renovation works, its managing partner Dr Susanne Faerber showed an astonishing bald patch under the monarch’s headpiece.

The museum, Dr Faerber said, sometimes chooses not to give a full mane to statues wearing hats due to how expensive hair is.

She told the Daily Mail: “As we are using real human hair for our waxworks which is very expensive, some figures which have hats don’t have complete hair.

“We just install the amount of hair which is visible for the visitors.”

Dr Faerber stressed this choice doesn’t want to offend in any way the British monarch.

Asked if she thought it was disrespectful to display the Queen figure’s bald head, she said: “It is a waxwork, not the real person, this should always be kept in mind.

“Besides, the position of Her Majesty is in Germany different than the handling of the Royal Family in Great Britain, where the press has to be more sensitive dealing with them.”

The Queen’s wax statue includes some of her iconic pieces of jewellery. 

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The replica wears a pair of pearl earrings, which matches the pearl necklace often worn by the sovereign.

Moreover, the wax statue has a brooch appointed on the right-hand side of her outfit, where the Queen normally wears hers.

The replica of the British sovereign also dons a bright pink coat with a matching hat, white gloves and the Queen’s trusted black handbag.


The Panoptikum was established by Dr Faerber’s great-great-grandfather in 1879.

It counts more than 120 wax figures, including former US President Donald Trump, climate activist Greta Thunberg, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pope Benedict XVI.

Every year, the statues are thoroughly cleaned and, whenever needed, repaired.

The maintenance works carried out during the period of closure include dry washing the statues’ clothes, washing their hair, cleaning their faces and protecting the wax with moth papers.

The reopening of the Panoptikum comes as the real Queen is staying at Sandringham’s Wood Farm.

The monarch was helicoptered there on Sunday, and is expected to remain at the five-bedroom cottage for a few weeks, until at least February 6.

This is because the Queen has traditionally spent the anniversary of the death of King George VI in Norfolk, where her father had passed away in 1952.

This year’s stay in Sandringham is even more poignant as it comes after the death of Prince Philip in April.

Moreover, this year the anniversary of the death of George VI also coincides with the beginning of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

An array of events celebrating the historic milestone have already been scheduled for the summer.

Between June 2 and 5, Britons will enjoy a long bank holiday weekend and will be able to join a number of street parties held to celebrate the sovereign.

The bank holiday will also include the first Trooping the Colour parade in London since the beginning of the pandemic.

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