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Houseplants expert shares how to fix ‘common problems’ – from yellow leaves to brown spots


Houseplants can run into a lot of problems due to overwatering and poor sunlight. Now, an expert has shared how to fix “common problems” houseplants have. Dave from The Home Depot shared his solutions to problems including yellowing or browning of plant leaves, wilted leaves, and stunted growth.

He continued: “It’s sun scorch. You need to relocate that plant somewhere else so it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

“Other than that, a little bit of water, relocating and it’s going to be just fine.”

Brown spots

Brown spots on the leaves and wilted leaves are most commonly caused by over-watering and poor drainage.

To solve this, you need to cut off “all the dead stuff”.

Dave explained: “That way it will be healthy and it’ll grow and flourish.

“It’s really simple. Just find a larger pot for it.

“You can also cut off some of the root just to give it some more room and a lot more dirt.

“They’re all simple steps that you can do make your houseplants look the best.”

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