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House seller refuses 'massive' offers to choose local first-time buyers


Jackson Higginbottom and his partner Holly, who are in their 30s, were overwhelmed to have their bid on the house accepted after learning the seller declined two sums “massively over the asking price”.

The couple, who are to become parents this year, have spent the past four years saving for the deposit but found competition for properties to be extremely high.

Jackson told Cornwall Live: “As soon as you see somewhere you like… it’s gone.

“When you’re talking houses out of our price range, then fair enough.“But when it’s first-time buyer prices, and they’re going like that, you can’t help but think, ‘for God’s sake’. It’s obviously locals after that, can’t people give us a bit of a chance?”

Rightmove recently revealed interest in Cornwall has increased by 140 per cent in two years, outpacing London as people look to escape to the country.

But Jackson and Holly spotted the stunning property in the Sennen area of the county last month and, despite it being out of their initial price range, they offered the asking price.

Jackson, who works for a surfing company in its workshop, said: “It’s a common expression that you never pay the asking price.

“But we didn’t want to risk this for the sake of coming under the asking price.”

And the couple were delighted to have their bid accepted despite the other huge offers.

Jackson, who was raised in Sennen, continued: “There’s us thinking we’re really stretching to offer that asking price. We don’t even know the guy, but he has done the bloody decent thing and turned away these offers.

“For us, we’d paid a higher deposit and took a while to get everything sorted as first-time buyers. He had seven months to hold off from tourists and wealthy cash buyers.

“It shouldn’t even be a story – ‘couple grows up and buys a house when they’re 30 in their local area’.

“But clearly it is. It feels like you’re being kicked out of where you grew up, to sum it up.”

Holly, who is from St Just, Cornwall, moved in with Jackson recently. She noted how a house in nearby Port Isaac sold in just five minutes during their search.

The new home is in a pretty coastal community, which boasts a small beach.

Jackson, who wants to encourage other prospective buyers to follow their hunches, said: “We’re both surfers, we both want our kids to grow up here too. We’re outdoors people, we don’t want to go to the city and live that life. To have our upbringing and then find that we can’t afford to live here is horrible. Most of us never have any chance of living here.

“We really hope people make the right moral decision when choosing between selling a house to a local couple, or getting more money and accepting it from a holidaymaker. I can’t believe we’ve actually managed to pull this off. I keep having to pinch myself.”


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