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House prices: Good view adds £86k to the average price of a home since COVID-19


There has been a sharp rise in demand for properties near the seaside amid coronavirus. As people adapt to a future of homeworking, being close to a city hub is less valuable.

Joe Wheeler, a director at Wheeler Estate Agents in Brighton and Hove, said: “We have noticed there are even more people than we have normally seen wanting to be by the seaside, in particular with direct sea views.”

“This in part is caused by the desire to leave cities like London due to Covid-19 and the restrictions that has caused,” he told the Mail.

‘The seaside to many feels calmer and healthier.

“I often hear buyers say that if they are moving to Brighton or Hove, they want to be able to hear and see the sea.”

In comparison, prices in London have only increased by 3.7 percent.

The housing market in the UK is flourishing right now, in particular, due to the Stamp Duty Holiday. The tax has been lifted to encourage buying amid the pandemic. 

Property expert Louisa Fletcher said: “For anybody trying to buy a house at the moment, and if you’re thinking you can’t find anything, this is the reason why folks.

“Everybody is buying houses right now.”


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