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Horror as cleaners find 10ft SNAKE dumped in rubbish by fly-tippers


The snake, thought to be an albino Burmese python, was found nestled among bin bags by council workers on Monday morning. The animal was found in a pile of waste by a hedge on the corner of Thorold Street and Park Street.

It is suspected that the creature was most likely a household pet that was dumped in the street by fly-tippers, a spokesman for the local council said.

It is not clear how long the animal had been there before it was found.

The identity of the snake’s owners is currently unknown, with North East Lincolnshire Council appealing for them to come forward.

John Munson, deputy street cleansing manager, said the discovery was a “total shock” with his team scared to unravel the creature.

He said the animal looked “huge” and was very heavy.

He said: “Our job is full of surprises, but this was a total shock for our team.

“You don’t turn up for work on a Monday morning expecting to find a massive snake dumped behind a hedge.

“None of us has plucked up the courage to fully unravel it, but it looks huge and weighs a fair bit.”

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It is the second time a huge snake has been found in Grimsby in two years, with a six-foot-long creature found by council workers in the town in 2020.

The Council has called for the owners to come forward and explain why they dumped the animal in the centre of town.

Councillor Ron Shepherd said: “We’re keen to speak to the snake’s owner so we can find out more about how it came to be fly-tipped in Grimsby.

“Someone must know where it came from. We all have a legal obligation, or duty of care, to make sure our waste is disposed of correctly.”

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