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Honda warning: Police officers warn owners are targets for catalytic converter theft


Officers at West Yorkshire Police has warned The Honda Jazz and Honda CR-V are often targeted by thieves across the region in a warning to road users. Catalytic converter thefts are a rising concern for motorists as criminals target the expensive metals located in the devices.

In a statement to Express.co.uk, Honda confirmed they had moved the position of the converter to make “theft more difficult”.

They have urged drivers to park their car inside a garage and to add security tools which will “deter thieves”.

Honda said: “From 2008 onwards, Honda vehicles have positioned the catalytic converter within the engine bay to make theft more difficult.

“Honda UK recommends owners of these cars follow the advice given by police.

“This advice includes parking inside a locked garage, near walls or other vehicles to make it harder to get underneath the car.

Warrington has seen the highest change with a massive 2,700 percent increase in thefts over the last two years,

Woilverhaomtom has also seen a massive 1,475 percent increase with Coventry, Middlesborough Cambridge and Peterborough seeing thefts rise by over 600 percent.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said firms were taking action to prevent crime but warned older cars “may still be vulnerable”.

They said: “Vehicle crime is an issue the automotive industry takes extremely seriously, and recent instances of catalytic converter theft are of concern both to car owners and manufacturers.

“Carmakers are taking what steps they can to make the crime as difficult as possible – some even modifying car designs to try to tackle the issue – but some older models may still be vulnerable.

“The industry is providing support and guidance to customers where required and liaising with police forces to see what more can be done to apprehend the criminals and prevent further thefts.

“In the meantime, police advice to consumers is that they should, where possible, park inside a locked garage, in well-lit areas and close to fences or walls to restrict access beneath the vehicle.”


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