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Homes for Ukraine scheme: How you can take part – details in FULL


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since World War Two. Nearly three million people are estimated to have fled the war since February 24, with the UK Government facing criticism for the speed and scale of its help for Ukrainian’s. However, under new plans that were announced on Sunday, UK households will be paid a monthly fee to host refugees from the eastern European territory.

What is the Homes for Ukraine scheme?

The Government hopes tens of thousands of displaced people will benefit from the Homes for Ukraine refugee scheme.

Individuals will be able to nominate a named person or family to stay with them rent-free, or in another property, for at least six months, and will be offered £350 a month for doing so.

There will be no need for sponsors to know the refugees in advance and an unlimited number of people will be able to come through this route.

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An estimated 1,655,503 people have fled over Ukraine’s western border into neighbouring Poland – the country which has taken in the most refugees.

Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova are among the other nations to have accepted hundreds of thousands of people escaping the war.

In comparison, the British Government has said it’s granted visas to just 3,000 Ukrainians so far.

At present, anyone fleeing the war is being advised they do not need documents to get into neighbouring countries.

However, they should preferably have their internal or foreign travel passports, birth certificates of children travelling with them, and medical documentation.

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