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Home invader holds Pennsylvania couple captive for 2.5 hours

A Pennsylvania couple is recovering after an overnight home invasion that saw them assaulted for hours and threatened with guns before the intruder made off with their money, police in Coatesville City said Wednesday.

Convicted felon George Parks, 40, was arrested soon after the incident and was being held on $750,000 bail. He was charged with home invasion, robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and unlawful restraint, Coatesville City police said in a media release.

It all started at about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, when two homeowners, a man and a woman, were awakened by a noise from the kitchen, police said. One of them went to investigate, encountered Parks and began fighting him. After several minutes, the robber overpowered the homeowner with a firearm, cops said.

The second victim had a gun that Parks snatched away, they added.

“Victim number two watched as Parks held a gun to victim number one’s head,” police said in a statement, noting that at some point, the second victim “was thrown to the ground.”

What followed were two and a half hours of terrifying captivity during which Parks ransacked the place, police said, beating the first victim “many times with the firearm he brought to the residence.”

He also threatened them at gunpoint as he demanded money. At 6 a.m., Parks left with their money and gun.

Police picked him up in front of his own residence at 1:16 a.m. Wednesday, still hanging onto the victims’ stolen gun.

Cops also found bags of new clothes with receipts, clothing covered in blood and vehicle-repair receipts.

Coatesville City is a 13,000-population municipality about 45 miles west of Philadelphia that’s known for its historic landmark buildings.


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