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Home design TikTok goes viral as users question its cost ‘Do I look like I have the money?


The video gives viewers a step by step tutorial of how to decorate the space around a window, as well as which furniture would be most effective to save space and maximise storage potential. It shows a digital depiction of a large bedroom as custom furniture is placed around the room’s large window, complete with computer, a plant and separate vanity area.

Since its upload last week, the TikTok has surpassed over 9.8m views and received over 900k likes – but the response hasn’t all been positive.

The video, which was uploaded by home design account @myhouse189, has been criticised by users for how expensive it would be to implement, as well as the fact it may not make use of the space as well as the TikTok suggests.

One user asked: “Do I look like I have the money?”

Another commented: “All of your videos crush my dreams because it’s nice and all but I can’t afford to do any of it.”

One perplexed viewer asked: “Wait then where can I sit when it’s a rainy day?”

One said: “Where I come from, a laptop that close to the window will get stolen.”

Another said: “I had my desk by the window, but in the afternoon to evening, the glare from the sun was just too much that I had to close the curtains.”

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