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Home Depot canceled my refrigerator order and wants an extra $700. What can I do?


When Home Depot lost Jennifer Gaetjens’ refrigerator order, the company offered a fix she doesn’t like: Pay an extra $700 for the appliance. Is there any way to get Home Depot to honor the original price?

Question: Last year, my husband bought an LG Electronics stainless steel refrigerator on Black Friday. After trying to buy the appliance online, we had to go to the store to finish the transaction. The computers were down at the time, but we got a receipt that included the tax and delivery charges. We also had a coupon for 18 months interest-free.

I called Home Depot to check on the order a few days later, and a representative informed me that our order had been lost. We needed to return to the store to buy the refrigerator again. My husband went to the Home Depot. But this time, they denied him the Black Friday discount. They wanted him to pay an extra $700 for the refrigerator. The store manager was instructed by corporate not to honor our receipt. We want and need a refrigerator. Can you help us? 

– Jennifer Gaetjens, Pennsauken, New Jersey 

Answer: I’m sorry you’re without a refrigerator and that Home Depot wants to charge you an extra $700 to get one. If its computers were down on the day you tried to place your order, it should fix this problem for you without charging extra.

It appears Home Depot tried to run your credit card after its computers came back online. But it looks like your card was declined. A representative should have contacted you at that point to ask for a different card and complete the order, but that didn’t happen.


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