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Home Bargains shoppers baffled by new £1.99 product 'what's it for?!'


The discounter shared the image on Facebook of its new Himalayan Rock Salt for horses costing £1.99. Whilst many people praised the product particularly those that worked or owned horses, some customers were left very confused. 

The post read: “Himalayan Rock Salt by Saltean is coming soon to stores for £1.99! 

“Increased hydration response, contains 100% Natural Himalayan Mineral Salt.

In response one Facebook user wrote: I could regret asking this but what is this for??

Another shopper called the product a “bit random”.

A third joked: “People who have no idea what this is are going to be buying it for their chips.” 

Another commented: “What do you use it for.”

However, the majority of shoppers praised the product and tagged their friends and family in the post. 

One Facebook user commented: “We better stock up.

Another replied: “Any excuse to pop to home bargains.

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Home Bargains stores continue to remain open during lockdown for essential shopping. 

Non-essential purchases can also be made during these visits.

Items can also be purchased online and delivered straight to your door.  

Shops deemed non-essential are expected to reopen 12 April in accordance with Boris Johnson’s four-stage roadmap for easing coronavirus restrictions. 

You can find your nearest Home Bargains store here.

Additional reporting Ellie May Rice


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