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Hezbollah says it is 'ready' to fight Israel as Benjamin Netanyahu urged to go to war

The Iranian Mission to the United Nations told Newsweek on Wednesday: “We do not lend any credence whatsoever to the rhetoric of certain Israeli regime officials who threaten a ground offensive in southern Lebanon.

“Although Netanyahu might seek to escalate the crisis and expand the geography of the war to maintain his grip on power…the rulers of the Zionist regime and its supporters are acutely aware that – having already failed against Hamas – they will undoubtedly face a more formidable defeat against Hezbollah, which boasts significantly superior military strength compared to Hamas.”

The IDF has been striking Gaza consistently since Hamas’ October 7 attack, which saw 1,200 Israelis killed.

The death toll has passed 36,000 in Gaza, according to the health ministry in the Hamas-run strip, as Israel comes under increasing pressure to halt its strikes.

IDF Northern Command chief Major General Ori Gordin, said this week that his forces “are prepared and ready” to fight Hezbollah on its own territory, “and when given the command, the enemy will meet a strong and prepared army.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also sent a warning to Hezbollah.

He said: “Iran is trying to choke us and encircle us and we are fighting back directly and with its proxies…We can’t accept the continuation of the situation in the north, it won’t continue. We will return the resident to their homes and bring back security.

Far-right Finance Minister and member of the security cabinet, Bezalel Smotrich, called on Netanyahu to go to war with Hezbollah and “destroy them.”

He said: “Prime Minister, give the order, go to war with Hezbollah, destroy [them,].

“Take strength from the multitudes gathered here and give the order. Go to war with Hezbollah, subdue, destroy, move the security zone from the Galilee into southern Lebanon.”


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