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Hedgehog alert as rescue centre sees more injured in two weeks than whole of 2020


One hedgehog rescue centre has had more strimming injury admissions so far in March than in the whole of 2020. Some of the hedgehogs had to be put down because their injuries were too severe

As the weather starts to improve Britons are likely to spend more time in the garden. 

Gardeners are being reminded to check for hedgehogs which enjoy nesting in hedges, fields and woodlands especially long grass and piles of leaves. 

A Cornwall based hedgehog rescue centre called Prickles and Paws is hoping a simple check can save wildlife.

Animal care and operations manager Katy said: “In 2020 we admitted 1,003 hedgehogs but only admitted six with obvious strimmer injuries.

“We are very concerned that in less than a two-week period we have nearly matched the total number of strimmer injury cases from last year.

“It has been absolutely heart-breaking to have so many of these lovely animals brought into us recently with injuries that could so easily have been avoided.

“The situation is now very serious and we desperately want to raise awareness and try and prevent more cases like this from happening across the whole of the UK.

“We understand that whilst in a national lockdown, with the weather improving, people will be spending more time outdoors in their gardens and will maintain them by gardening but we would ask that people just check their areas before working to avoid harming any wildlife.”

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