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Head lice experts show ‘worst case ever’ as hundreds of bugs cover woman’s head & it’ll leave you feeling very itchy


HEAD lice experts have shared a stomach-churning clip of the worst case they ever dealt with – with thousands of bugs in an elderly woman’s hair.

The team, called The Lice Angels, uploaded a clip to TikTok sharing the horrific infestation and it’s enough to leave you feeling incredibly itchy.

TIKTOK @theliceangels

The 90-year-old woman had hundreds of nits in her hair[/caption]

They filmed the 90-year-old woman as the expert ran her glove-covered fingers through her hair, exposing the hundreds of wriggling bugs caught in her roots.

They captioned the clip: “90 year old has million of lice so bad we had to send her to the ER,” which is the emergency room at the hospital.


The video has racked up over two million likes and people can’t believe just how bad the infestation was.

While it’s unknown exactly how the nits were removed, The Lice Angels often use a targeted conditioner spray to soak the hair before combing the critters out with a single sweep.

Meanwhile the experts previously shared a video showing hundreds of wriggling bugs comb out of hair with one brush

And grim footage will make you think twice about using face wipes to get rid of your foundation.

Plus we revealed covid stress is causing women scalp issues such as dandruff and hair loss – 7 ways help.

TIKTOK @theliceangels

The experts said it was the worst case they’d ever seen[/caption]

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