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'He was working to get a vaccine' Kay Burley slams Blackford's calls for Boris to resign


SNP MP Ian Blackford has been slapped down by Sky News host after calling for Boris Johnson to stand down as Prime Minister in the wake of sanctions from the Metropolitan Police over his attendance at parties that breached Covid rules. 

Mr Blackford told Sky News: “If you willfully mislead Parliament, that is not a question of ifs or buts, it isn’t a question of any dubiety you must resign. 

“He cannot simply argue that he didn’t know that these events are parties.

“Good grief this was partying on an industrial scale that was taking place at Westminster.

“It wasn’t just as he’s tried to say in his statement he was breaking the rules no Prime Minister you weren’t you were breaking your own laws.”

Kay Burley responded: “Mr Blackford, we were in the middle of a global pandemic the Prime Minister was and his team were doing their level best working 24/7 to try and get as a vaccine to protect us from Covid 19.

“We were seeing millions of people dying around the world were certainly one of the first if not the first country in the world to have that vaccine.

“That was what the Prime Minister presided over.

“He might have had a drink, he might have celebrated when it was his birthday, he might have had a drink in the garden to thank staff for what they were doing.

Asked on Sky News how Mr Johnson can “possibly remain in office”, Mr Shapps said: “Everyone is human, people sometimes make mistakes.”

On whether Mr Johnson misled Parliament, Mr Shapps told ITV’s Good Morning Britain programme: “I don’t think he knowingly broke the laws when he came to Parliament.

“We now know that the Metropolitan Police have said that he shouldn’t have stepped into the Cabinet Room when staff had organised a surprise.

“I don’t think he came to Parliament thinking that that breached the rules.”


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