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‘He misses momma’: Sweet pitbull cries down the phone at sound of mum’s voice


The second the lonely pup hears her voice, he begins to whimper down the phone, telling his mum how much he misses her. As his mother continues to speak to him, the dog becomes even more desperate, loudly whining back at the phone as he tries to figure out where his mum is. The adorable video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @princeledezma, was a smash hit on the app, with over 1.2 million views and over 100,000 likes.

As a breed, pitbulls are known for being extremely friendly, loving and affectionate towards their owners, and this one is no different.

Viewers could clearly feel the dog’s desperation, with one commenting: “I like the way he listens in.”

Another commenter wrote: “Pitbulls are the biggest babies, mine is my shadow and gives 0 about personal space lol.”

A third added: “Nobody can take momma’s place.”

Pitbulls and their wailing have been popular on the video sharing platform of late, with a video of a pitbull called Turbo singing happy birthday to his brothers also proving popular. 

While candles on the two birthday cakes burn, the family starts a rousing chorus of happy birthday for the brothers, and Turbo was unable to resist joining in.

The dog wails along with his family, singing his heart out in celebration with his brothers, much to their amusement.

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