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‘He doesn’t want you to own a home!’ Sadiq Khan’s housing plans denounced by Shaun Bailey


Shaun Bailey told Express.co.uk he plans to build 100,000 homes all priced at £100,000 if elected as Mayor of London. The Conservative Party’s candidate for the London Mayoral election added that Sadiq Khan’s housing proposals will create more landlords in the capital city but not homeowners.

Mr Bailey said: “My plan to build 100,000 [each] for £100,000 does something very different.

“It gives young people a real step onto the housing ladder and hope of owning their own home.

“When I speak to Londoners, 87 percent of Londoners say they want to own their own home.

“Sadiq Khan is blocking that, he does not want people to own their own home.

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“That is why he is only building homes to rent and I am building homes to buy and homes to rent.

“The way to summarise that, he wants to make many more landlords, I want to make many more homeowners.

“That is my goal to get many more people to own their homes.”

The Conservative member of the London Assembly went on to address a number of the London Mayor’s failures.

According to a March Opinium poll for the Evening Standard, Mr Khan is on track to secure a second term as the Mayor of London.

The poll put the Mayor of London on 53 percent of first preference votes.

Shaun Bailey registered 28 percent of the first preference votes during the poll.

The London Mayoral election will be held a month today, on May 6, 2021.


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