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'He doesn't have a lot of moves to make': Six questions in the Deshaun Watson lawsuits


Deshaun Watson’s attorney finally decided to come right out and say it.

All of these women are lying — all 22 of them, according to a statement released Monday by the attorney, Rusty Hardin.

Since March 16, each had filed a lawsuit against Watson that accused the NFL quarterback of sexual misconduct during massage sessions in 2020 or early 2021. After previously denying the allegations in broad terms, now Watson and Hardin are specifically saying each is false, driven by their desire for a “money grab,” according to documents his legal team filed Monday.

But this strategy comes with risks. Legal experts say it tests the limits of plausibility and shows just how difficult this case has been for his attorneys to defend in the court of public opinion. Instead of providing reasonable explanations for what happened, experts said sometimes Watson’s legal team even added fuel to the controversy when trying to fight for him.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson faces sexual misconduct allegations from 22 women.

“If it’s a chess game, he doesn’t have a lot of moves to make,” said David Ring, an attorney in Los Angeles who has represented sexual assault survivors.

Hardin has tried a few big ones so far. Besides saying all the women are lying, Hardin has said there were “sometimes consensual encounters.” He said Watson had sought so many new massage therapists because of his hectic schedule and the restrictions of COVID-19.  His law firm even released a list of 18 other massage therapists who said Watson “never made them feel uncomfortable.”


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