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Harry Redknapp asked to help coach grandson's football team after crushing 15-0 defeat


Joining Alan Titchmarsh on his Love Your Weekend show, Harry Redknapp opened up on how his weekends have changed since he stepped down as a football manager. Harry, 73, explained while his whole weekend could be “ruined” if his team lost a match but now he spends his time watching his grandson play.

Harry shared with Alan: “Normally going to watch my grandkids play football now.”

“When they get to know what you do for a living they’re going to be quite scared of playing football in front of you, you know,” Alan joked.

“Unfortunately one them, Bobby’s team tends to lose every week about 15 nil,” Harry continued. The manager keeps on, ‘Harry can you help them? Give them some advice.’ Getting beat 15-nil is not easy.”

Alan laughed: “You’re coaching a team of kids and Harry Redknapp’s standing on the touchline, and your managing the kids and you’re looking at Harry Redknapp watching you, it must be very daunting when he sees you.”

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“Well I stand out of the way,” Harry assured the host. “I never sort of shout, I keep my peace but sometimes they ask me to have a little chat with the kids and I do.

“I do tend to enjoy it and watching them playing, that’s the most important part of it.”

Reflecting on his own losses as a football manager, Harry admitted: “You really go home Saturday night really low.

“My whole weekend would be ruined if we got beat but when you won you were buzzing, it was lovely you were floating around.”

If his team did lose, Harry and wife Sandra would head out for a low-key meal at an Italian restaurant where they’d enjoy some pasta and wine.

“But Sunday, you don’t was to read the papers and you get back in on Monday and have to lift yourself and the players,” he explained.

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