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Harry Dunn's mum rejects killer's offer of community service instead of UK trial


Harry, 19, was riding a motorcycle when he was hit by a car on the wrong side of the road outside RAF Croughton, Northants, in August 2019. Amy Jeffress, the lawyer for American suspect Sacoolas, 43, said her client, who returned to the US claiming diplomatic immunity, has “never denied” responsibility for the crash. But she said the charge pending in Britain against Sacoolas would not usually result in a prison sentence in the US.

She told Radio 4’s Law In Action: “We understand that community service is a typical sentence for offences like this.

“We have offered ever since, over a year ago, that she would be willing to serve that kind of a sentence and to make a contribution in Harry’s memory, to take other steps to try to bring some peace to the family.”

Ms Jeffress said Sacoolas is “truly sorry for Harry’s family and the pain this has caused”.

“She’s willing to meet with the family to provide whatever information they are seeking.”

Harry’s grief-stricken mother, Charlotte Charles, rejected the offer. She said: “There is no price on Harry’s life. I’m not willing to discuss a contribution, whatever she may mean by that.

“She needs to go through the UK justice system. We all know diplomatic immunity is not there to cover somebody for killing a child in the way it happened and to be able to walk away.”

She said she made a promise to her son to get justice on the night he died and “there are no circumstances at all under which I will break that promise”.

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said: “Rather than talking about the sentence that would be appropriate, let’s deal with the question of liability.

“At the moment there is an outstanding and very serious matter relating to the alleged driving of this person and the death of a young man.

“What we are trying to do is to actually go through due process and deal with the issue of criminal liability first.”


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