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Hannity: OSAC alert shows State Department leaving Americans 'hostage' to Taliban


In his opening monologue on Thursday, Sean Hannity said President Biden is working hard to move the nation’s attention away from his crisis in Afghanistan and on to other topics, but that such attempts are of little solace to the families of the hundreds of Americans still stranded behind enemy lines controlled by the Taliban.

“He wants to pretend like it never happened. But this crisis is far from over. Hundreds and hundreds of Americans are still trapped hopelessly abandoned by Joe behind enemy lines. And ask yourself this question tonight. If it was you or someone you loved, cared about, if they were abandoned by a president of the United States behind enemy lines, hostage to the whims of terrorists, would you want your president and your country to move on and pull up stakes and say you’re on your own?” Hannity asked.

“Because that’s what the State Department has up on their website.”

He pointed to a recent advisory from the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), which claimed the State Department has “no higher priority than the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas” while several lines below stated that Americans should “make contingency plans to leave when it is safe to do so that do not rely on U.S. government assistance.”

“On this show we’re not moving on. We will cover other stories but we’re not moving on until every American is home safely. Every day that goes by the risk gets higher and higher. The terrorists and the Taliban; they have not been keeping their word – well, that is, ever since Joe Biden became president,” Hannity said.

“And they’re, in fact, now going door to door, as we speak, executing anyone and everyone that they know that worked with the United States in the last 20 years.”

Hannity went on to agree with a sentiment from Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., a retired Green Beret, who said Biden’s humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will make President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis ‘look like a sleepover’.

The federal government “still do[es]n’t know exactly how many of our fellow Americans are actually trapped in Afghanistan,” Hannity said. “I’m hearing estimates as high as a thousand, maybe more. There’s no plan whatsoever to get them out. There’s no military help, there’s no diplomatic help and they’re even saying you’re on your own, our own State Department – no extraction efforts.”


The OSAC statement, he said, is a direct contradiction of Biden’s own promise not to leave anyone behind.

“As the New York Post points out, that was just one of six major lies Biden told us about Afghanistan. The second lie? That was about our Afghan allied partners. On August 20th, Biden said, quote, we’re making the same equipment to get out those Afghans who worked alongside us. Now, there are thousands of our partners with no way out. Maybe as many as 10,000 plus, I’m told.”

“Even Biden’s own Afghan interpreter who saved his life … is hopelessly trapped. Wow, Joe, you have all the great ways to say thank you.”

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