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Hand luggage: Expert shares 10 top tips for beating Ryanair and easyJet cabin bag rules


7. Check the airline before you travel

If you do get lucky enough to fly this year, always check your airline’s hand luggage allowance before you travel. They are all different and can change at any time, so not every piece of hand luggage will fit every airline.

Some airlines have weight restrictions as well as size restrictions, so pay close attention when you’re choosing which bag to travel with. It might be worth considering booking with a different airline with a more generous hand luggage allowance, to avoid getting caught out by hidden fees.

Antler’s collection includes several options for hand luggage, for example, its Clifton Universal Cabin case is designed to fit more airlines, whilst its Clifton Expandable Cabin has an expander zip so you can pack more in, but is slightly taller, so may not fit some of the budget airline carrier hand luggage restrictions.

Backpacks can also be handy if you travel light, as they fit more easily under the seat in front of you, as does a small holdall.

8. Consider a case with an easy-access pocket

A front pocket can be a convenient way to keep those travel essentials close at hand.

Pockets can also be a weak point though when it comes to security (easy access isn’t what you want if there are pick-pockets around), so make sure you can secure the pocket if you’re keeping tickets, money, passports or any other valuables inside.


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