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Gym pro reveals the true use to the ‘5-pound weight’ on machines but everyone is saying the same thing


GYMS are filled with complicated machines that many of us don’t know how to properly use.

But it can be intimidating to ask for help, so sometimes, we kind of just wing it and hope we’re not embarrassing ourselves.


A fitness expert said most of us are using these weight machines wrong[/caption]


When she discovered how to properly use this tool, she said she was mind-blown[/caption]

One woman, a fitness guru who goes by @YazElChazFit on TikTok, said there’s one tool that almost all of us are using incorrectly at the gym.

On any weightlifting machine—like the leg extender or cable cross-over—you can adjust the amount of weight you want to work with.  

The little five-pound side weights that we see next to these machines, however, aren’t actually meant to add an extra amount of weight to the load.

In the clip, Yaz began: “I was today years old when I found out that this thing is not an extra five-pound weight.”

So, what’s the proper use?

“It’s actually a bumper that goes between the weights, so you don’t slam it.”

Responding to a commenter, Yaz said that the bumper trick actually works well to muffle the sound.

While many viewers were certainly mind-blown by the discovery, most of them said they weren’t looking to change their ways:

“I hear you, but imma still use it as a five-pound weight,” one person wrote.

“I guess I’ll be using it the wrong way for the rest of my life lol,” added another.

And a third cringed at her previous behavior: “Wait… what? You mean to tell me all these times I’ve been embarrassing myself in front of my gym crush?”


@YazElChazFit has gained popularity on TikTok thanks to her fitness tips like this one[/caption]

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