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Guess how many cops have been sacked for not stopping young white girls being sexually abused in Rotherham?


HERE’S a question for you. How many coppers have been sacked as a consequence of the failures to stop young white girls being sexually abused in Rotherham?

You’ve probably got the answer. Yep, it’s a round number.

Girls as young as 12 were abused by men in Rotherham – yet no cops have been sacked over the scandal
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There were a total of 47 officers from the South Yorkshire force investigated for their failures to do anything whatsoever to stop gangs of Asian men grooming, abusing and raping girls as young as 12.

There were more than 250 allegations made by 51 people. Some of the incidents beggar belief. Such as this. A policeman saw two young white girls in car with an Asian man. The man actually told police one of the girls had just performed a sex act on him.

The reaction of this magnificent custodian of the law? “On your way, nothing to see here, mind how you go.” They also failed to investigate an older Asian man who was found in a bedroom with a young girl. What did they think was taking place?

When one parent complained her young daughter was being groomed, a policeman told her not to worry. A lot of girls think having an older Asian “boyfriend” is a fashion accessory, the copper explained. Brilliant, thanks for that, officer. I’ll put it out of my mind, then.

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South Yorkshire: Tier 3 rules for Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster & Barnsley

Another one said that “nothing can be done because of racial tensions” — which at least has a certain truth about it. That was the real reason that no action was taken for such an unimaginably long time.

A total of 1,400 girls — from one town alone — were abused in this manner between 1997 and 2013. Childhoods corrupted and ruined, lives destroyed. There was nobody to turn to. Nobody for the worried parents, nobody for the girls themselves.

Fear of being called racist

Truth is, we all let those girls down, including us journos. Like the useless social services, we didn’t investigate the allegations because we didn’t want to seem racist.

Nothing mattered more than not being seen as racist. Political correctness is a very dangerous thing. But nobody let them down more than the police.

This latest very expensive investigation was carried out by the police watchdog, the Independent Office for Police Conduct. What the victims wanted was a sense of closure.

They wanted to see the public servants who had turned a blind eye to years of depraved abuse face the consequences. But while the report hammers the South Yorkshire constabulary for failing to protect vulnerable, underage girls and condemns the decision by senior coppers in the force to “prioritise other crimes”, not one police officer will be brought to justice.

Not one of them has been sacked, despite having been responsible for what the report calls “gross misconduct”. Despite damning criticism that makes it clear that policemen, by instruction, took no action against the vile perpetrators of these crimes.

But then that is rather the way with top-level investigations in this country. Nothing ever comes of them until all the guilty people are dead or retired. And the poorer you are, the more vulnerable you are — the less likely you are to find any sort of justice. There are 1,400 girls in Rotherham who can testify to that.

Louis Hollingsbee – The Sun

The poorer you are, the more vulnerable you are — the less likely you are to find any sort of justice[/caption]

Claws for thought at ancient find


Researchers have just discovered evidence of cavemen from 600,000 years ago living in Kent[/caption]

RESEARCHERS have just discovered evidence of cavemen from 600,000 years ago living in Kent.

They found ancient “scraping and piercing” implements, apparently.

I reckon they stumbled upon a Paleolithic beauty parlour and tanning salon.

“You want nail extensions, Ug? How about a pair of tusks? We got these from a mammoth in Sheerness.”

Raab is on the right track

THE lefties are screaming blue murder about the Deputy Prime Minister, Dominic Raab.

He is introducing a Bill of Rights. This will reduce the degree to which foreign judges can impose their will upon our country. It will also enshrine freedom of speech.

The Left hates freedom of speech. Just as it hates governments which carry out their plans. Raab must be doing something right, then.

We need to reduce the degree to which lawyers can subvert government policy. Raab is on the right track.


WHY isn’t comedian Joe Lycett more angry?

He got a call from the coppers after a recent show. A member of the audience had taken offence at one of his jokes. And called the police, as you do.

Joe Lycett got a call from the coppers after a recent show

The rozzers asked Lycett to explain the context behind his joke. The correct answer to this is: “Naff off and catch some burglars, you uniformed jackass.

“And if you have a spare moment, charge the audience member who took offence with wasting police time.”

Instead, Lycett just played ball with the coppers.

Mind you, if the audience member had rung Trading Standards and complained “he was advertised as a comedian!” I think Joe would be in real trouble.


LOVELY jubbly! The Everlasting Arms Ministries is a church pledged to fight world poverty.

It clearly takes its responsibilities very seriously. An inquiry found it had spent half a million quid on business- class travel and top hotels around the world.

Oh, and more than £200,000 went straight to the chief pastor’s credit card.

The Everlasting Arms Ministries is based in Peckham, sarf London. And is presumably a branch of Trotters Independent Traders.

Zahawi will rise still further

NOW it’s the teachers demanding more money.

Their unions want a 12 per cent hike in salary. This is despite a 16 per cent rise in starting salary which has already been awarded.

And a whopping increase during 2020, when some of them were doing, frankly, bugger all.

Nadim Zahawi has been an excellent Secretary of State for Education so far. He will rise still further in my estimation if he tells the teachers where to get off.


AS if he didn’t have enough on his plate, Boris Johnson seems to have spent most of the past few years trying to find a job for his wife.

He was supposedly stopped from giving Carrie a post in government – a story Downing Street said was “totally untrue”.


The PM has spent most of the past few years trying to find a job for his wife[/caption]

Civil servant Simon Case was also reportedly told she couldn’t work for one of Prince William and Kate’s charities.

Why can’t she go down to the local Job Centre, Like the rest of us? Our local kebab shop is advertising for staff.

There’s loads of work around if you look for it. Just learn how to say “you want chilli sauce with that, innit?” and you’ll get by, Carrie.



Great Britain’s Seb Coe is the President of World Athletics[/caption]

SEBASTIAN COE is the President of World Athletics.

He used to be really good at running around a track quite quickly. If you remember.

He has now decided that transgendered men competing against women in sport isn’t really fair. And he has hinted that World Athletics might now introduce tougher measures.

The question, then, is this. What took you so long, Seb?

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‘fix it’

Love Island fans beg producers to help after spotting issue with Tasha Ghouri


I’m size 8 & my pal’s an 18, we wore the same to show how things look different

The entire country reached this conclusion years ago.

Trouble is, the elites who run our sporting associations were terrified of getting on the wrong side of the shrieking trans lobby.

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