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Gregg Wallace shares 'simple and delicious' Italian recipe to make during lockdown


Gregg Wallace has been travelling the world while appearing on Channel 5’s Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekends Away. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, he shared a “simple” recipe to make at home.

Last week, Boris Johnson laid out a “road map” for leaving lockdown in England.

This means Britons could be set to travel abroad and visit restaurants again in the coming months.

Until this is permitted, however, Gregg has been giving Britons travel inspiration in his Channel 5 programme.

In the show, filmed before the coronavirus lockdown, the TV personality visited stunning cities including Rome, York and Edinburgh.

In each city, he spent a few days learning about the culture and visiting famous attractions.

Gregg also sampled the local cuisine and even tried his hand at cooking some iconic dishes.

Speaking of his trip to Rome, the Masterchef star shared one of his favourite recipes from the Italian city.

Gregg detailed a “simple” recipe for a “delicious” snack which can be made at home which is often enjoyed in Italy.


Fried Artichokes (Carciofi alla Giudia)

The television favourite suggested it is a recipe many people are wary of trying.

“[A good recipe] is the fried artichoke you get in the Jewish quarter,” he said.

“[It’s an] absolutely fabulous thing to do. People are scared of artichokes.”

All budding chefs need is baby artichokes, some oil and salt, and lemon if desired.

He added: “How simple is that? Add a squeeze of lemon if you want – delicious.”

Although Gregg sampled many delicious foods during his travels, he revealed how he managed to stay fit while eating treats.

He continued: “I don’t do it all the time. And let me tell you, if you walk a lot, you burn off the calories.

“If you’re walking around all day, you can afford to be a little bit naughty.”


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