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Gregg Wallace explains relief behind no longer sharing a dressing room with John Torode


Gregg Wallace, 55, and John Torode, 56, have both been blown away by this series of Masterchef, and found the “level of cooking really quite impressive”. But as the rules surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are ever-changing, the show has also evolved to accommodate the latest government guidelines. And there’s one rule that Wallace is more than happy with.

“John and I don’t have to share a dressing room any more, either, which is a great pleasure,” he laughed, in a recent joint interview with his co-star.

“No longer do I have to have his sweaty cycling gear hanging on my door!”

It comes after the judge explained that each contestant cooks at least two plates of food, so he and John have their own plates.

“There is no sharing of food now. That will stay,” he stated, as they used to sample the dishes from the same platter.

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“Also, we have started to have fewer people sitting at the Chef’s Table.

“That works much better.”

Torode noted: “We have developed efficiencies of scale because of the restrictions and I think they will carry on in future productions because they make a progressive improvement.

“For example, I don’t know if Gregg and I will ever stand side by side again. It doesn’t seem to make much difference and for the cameras it might be easier,” he grinned.

“By the time you get to the quarter-finals you expect something special, but right from the start, we found the level of cooking really quite impressive.”

He wondered whether cooking had become a lockdown hobby for many contestant, who had perhaps mastered the art during their spare time.

Torode revealed how he hopes cooking will remain an interest to those who found a love for it during lockdown.

“People have used lockdown to practise, but also to purchase interesting new things,” he told Radio Times.

“I really hope it carries on and I hope it is going to inspire.”

With the finale of the hit reality program, which is now in its 17th season, fast approaching, the second group of five semi-finalists gear up to take on the challenge to be in with a chance of making it to the final week.

Wallace and Torode’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

Masterchef continues Friday at 9pm on BBC One.


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