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'Green with jealousy!' British expats stranded as EU nations lag behind UK's vaccine rate


While the UK has now vaccinated 33.1 million people, states such as Japan have inoculated less than one percent of their population leaving expats stranded and trapped in their new homes. Meanwhile, a British expat living in Moraira, Spain claimed he was jealous of how quickly the UK was progressing with her vaccine programme. Mike Evans, 76, a retired engineer said: “We are all green with jealousy about the UK and their vaccine rollout.

“When it all started on March 14th last year Spain was doing the best job ever.

“We were put under a very strict lockdown which was strictly policed.

“We were not allowed to leave our house.”

Such is the dire situation in Japan, expats have now contemplated returning to the UK to combine with seeing family members while also being able to receive a vaccine.

Although Japan was praised for its response to the pandemic last year, the rate of vaccines has remained slow this year.

One expat, Sean O’Neill told The Guardian: “Why should I have to consider spending £4,000-£5,000 for a trip back to the UK to get the vaccine, plus the same again 10 to 12 weeks later to get the second dose?

“I would happily pay, say, £500 to get the vaccine delivered to me over here in Japan.

“I’m sure others would too.”

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“Come on guys. Make it happen.

“The whole world is doing it. Why wait?”

Expats in the EU have expressed their concern over the poor vaccine rate on the continent, which has sparked a third wave of the virus.

Indeed, some of the 285,000 British expats living in Spain, have claimed they have been missed by the state’s vaccine programme.

In order to receive a vaccine, expats must be registered to Spain’s national health service.

If they use private healthcare, there is no guarantee they will be included in Spain’s vaccination programme.

Last month, one woman spoke of her frustration at being unsure of how to get a vaccine in Spain.

She told the Olive Press: “My husband and I are both retired expat residents who have lived in Sevilla since 2017 where we registered with the town hall and are paying our income taxes.


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