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Green campaigners call for ban on flights and car use to slash £30bn Putin payout


Green campaigners are demanding that European nations ban flights and fossil fuel vehicles to cut energy usage in the bloc, in a move against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. While the EU has sanctioned most of the Russian economy as a response to the war, Moscow’s energy exports to the bloc have been largely left untouched. A major reason for this is that the fuel starved continent is heavily dependent on Russia for its oil and natural gas exports.

Since the start of the war, EU countries have been told that ditching Russian energy exports will be devastating for Putin’s war efforts as bloc buys 49 percent of Moscow’s oil and gas.

Energy forms the backbone of Russia’s economy, with 45 percent of the country’s federal budget last year coming from oil and natural gas revenues, according to the International Energy Agency.

According to a new report by climate adviser Mark Lynas, energy analyst Rauli Partanen, and energy and sustainability installations specialist Joris van Dorp, the EU can quickly end its reliance on Russian fossil fuels by taking strong, drastic measures.

The policies could include rationing energy, with everyone in Europe being allowed the same minimum amount of energy to use, along with limiting thermostats to 18C in winter.

The authors warn that the EU “ biggest problem is gas.

“In total last year, Europe imported 155 billion cubic metres of gas from Russia.”

Europe is Russia’s primary market for natural gas, with the fuel-starved bloc purchasing nearly three-quarters of all Russian natural gas exports in 2021, according to the EIA.

Even the EU’s top diplomat, Joseph Borrell has slammed the bloc for buying too much gas from Russia, which experts argue is financing Putin’s war in Ukraine.

He said: “We’ve given Ukraine nearly €1bn (£835 million)

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