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Grayson Perry underwent surgery after battling 'a lot' of health problems in lockdown


Artist Grayson Perry, 60, has now returned to Channel 4 with another series of his hit show Grayson’s Art Club. However, the star has been honest about his struggles in lockdown, in a new interview alongside his wife Philippa Perry.

Grayson has been a familiar face on TV during the many lockdowns across the UK over the past year.

This is down to his much-loved television series Grayson’s Art Club, which was first broadcast back in April last year.

Now the show is back for a second season, as it encourages the nation to unite and create art.

However, despite his enthusiasm for the project, Grayson recently opened up about how much he has struggled during this third national lockdown.

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“I’ve never been so bl**dy fit! I went out on my mountain bike every other day and I was really cracking on.

“Then suddenly not being able to walk to the shop, that was a killer. I’ve just started biking again.

“It’s the longest I’ve been off a bike for years. It’s made me grateful not, at this present moment, to be in pain.”

He also told the publication how as a result, he plans to take on fewer projects in the future, to give himself time to rest.

The second series of Grayson’s Art Club is airing on Fridays, with the first episode broadcast on February 26.


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