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Grass: Cutting lawn wet 'causes all sorts of problems' – prepare your garden for spring


David Domoney is best known for co-presenting Love Your Garden alongside Alan Titchmarsh and for being the resident gardener on ITV’s This Morning. Appearing on the daytime show, the expert recently shared his top tips on how Britons can get their lawn spring ready.

David regularly shares his gardening tips and with spring just around the corner, it is important to prepare the garden now. 

One viewer called in on This Morning and asked David when the best time to cut the grass is.

The expert replied: “Well March is generally the time to cut…so we’ve got the opportunity of spring amongst us so the time is about right now.

“It’s really about not cutting it when it’s wet, if you cut the grass when it’s wet, it causes all sorts of problems.

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David added: “If it’s pulling it up, you’re compacting the soil as you’re walking on it, it’s hard work for you.

“The best thing to do is wait until it dries off a bit, another couple of weekends like we’ve had or if you’ve got free draining soil, and when it’s dry, that’s the time to cut.”

David also explained how to cut your grass when it is ready to be.

He said: “Cut it quite high, you can see on the side of mowers, you’ve got these adjusters here, you want to cut it up to no less than three inches, so put it on its maximum for the first cut.

“Flower-rich lawns can be mown every four to six weeks. Long grassed lawns are best cut once or twice in the summer, usually not before June.”

Dry and shady areas under trees may need less frequent mowing than areas in the full sun with good moisture levels.

How else can you get your garden ready for spring?

Pruning is extremely important in the early months of the year, to make sure that your garden will be summer ready.

Pruning is when you selectively remove branches from a tree or remove petals from a flower.

The goal is to remove any unwanted or dead branches, leaves or petals to improve the structure and encourage healthy growth.

Many summer-flowering shrubs should be pruned this month, which will allow them to blossom perfectly for summer.

They should be pruned with sharp tools to get a cleaner cut. 


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